What happens when Tesla Model S's battery is full and it is going down hill

When the battery tops off, regenerative braking is disabled. On a Tesla (any model), a warning light appears on the display, because the driver needs to know that the feel of the brakes is going to be different. 

How IPL Team owners makes money?

When a franchisee purchases a player they get the marketing right of the player. Using the right, a team can allow its player to do a advertising or promotional campaign  and the profits earned will go to the franchisee owners.

18 Lessons Businesses can Learn from Alibaba

Jack Ma is the kind of exceptional and talented leaders who redefine the path of success..The founder and CEO of Alibaba is one of the world’s richest men, but he has not let success cloud his vision for the future or his acknowledgement of where he came from. Jack Ma’s keys to success are true and inspiring for everyone from aspiring billionaires to owners of the smallest businesses.

Why India and China is so densely populated?

India and China together hold 20% of world's arable land (land suitable for a major crop), producing 50% of the world's rice and 30% of the world's wheat. They are spread around the Tropic of Cancer (a great zone for human settlement), were unified multiple times in the past (leading to a large land area under one flag), got to the major cereals earlier (rice & wheat), got the benefit of other civilizations nearby (borrowing ideas of wheel & writing systems) and were spared from many of the major human calamities & migrations of history.

Top 5 reasons to develop a business app for your company.

iPhone and Android phones have taken the world by storm largely because of the applications that users are able to download and use on their phone. They provide instant information and provide customers with a direct way to contact a business from their iPhone or Android device.With the constantly increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, demand for mobile apps is on a rise. App development is the rising business model and the number of mobile phones will surge to 40% growth in next couple of years.There can be many reasons for businesses to develop mobile apps and generate a smarter business model. Let us look at key points in a business app that can help your business grow in the right directions:
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